Florida update….and questions?

I have been upset most of the day over the Florida shootings this early morning and I am afraid for the future. It has come out in the news that the young man was Muslim and did not like the LGBT community.

While watching the news today, (nursing another sore tooth of course), I was confused about something Senator Rubio said. He said something like that the Muslim leaders need to condemn radical Islamic actions but that it would be hard to do it.  My question is why is this hard for the Muslim leaders to condemn acts of terror?  I understand that the Muslim faith is against homosexuality, as is the Christian faith. However, if all of the Muslim leaders in every place of worship through out the country condemned this kind of behavior, why is that hard to do?  If in their daily prayers and services they continued to condemn radical terrorism?  Would it hurt to do that? I think not..If any faith does Not condemn this type of behavior, I think it’s horrible. The behavior is horrible. It seems simple to me. Killing is Wrong.

Furthermore, if any faith or person of No Faith doesn’t like the United States, nor the people who live here, whether they are straight or gay or lesbian or drunk or sober, have faith or don’t have faith, Why Live Here???  Side note: I am NOT picking on Muslims. I know many and have found them to be upright and peace loving. I happen to be a Christian, but I certainly don’t sanction the Crusades, killing people because they did not believe in Christ or any of the times in history when people were Killed for not believing in Christ. That’s just as bad.

If I lived in a country that I Hated, couldn’t stand the Law, nor the Rights that people have under their Constitution, such as being treated Equal, having the right To Bear Arms, etc., etc.,…I would Go Home or Someplace Else. I wouldn’t Kill Them. Outrageous!!

Another question I have is why in the world wasn’t this person monitored by Someone, he was on the ‘radar’ of the FBI. I don’t buy it that there wasn’t enough evidence, nor resources to monitor everyone who may be a radical Islamist or any other terrorist…Hire more people for crying out loud, we need Jobs Anyway…I realize that under the Law there may be nothing to be done until a Crime is committed, but surely there must be some kind of Exception if one is associated with terrorists??

And as far as the politicians and talking heads saying that there is nothing more that they can do, that people should not live in fear, that they can’t do anything until a crime is committed, that guns should be banned,…..Please Shut Up. There has to be a Solution. With all of the great minds in this country, Someone Should Come Up with Something.

Why was this man allowed to purchase a firearm? Of course he could have gotten his hands on an assault weapon on the black market, but shouldn’t it be harder to purchase, especially if one was investigated by the FBI for possible terrorist connections? Shouldn’t that be on record Somewhere and accessible to whomever is selling them?

I do believe in the right to bear arms and have been around guns all my life, and am a proud Carrier. However, I really could care less if there was a ban on assault weapons being sold. But let’s get real:  he could have gotten one or a bomb or whatever else he may have wanted to buy in order to carry out his mission. I just think that there should be more background checks, more thorough investigations done for those wanting to purchase these kinds of weapons. Home protection, self protection, hunting….none of them require assault weapons. I like them anyway because I like just about any kind of gun. However,  I would not mind a few more days to purchase one if it meant a safeguard that may prevent one of these weapons getting into the hands of the wrong person.

As far as the gay, lesbian community, if someone does not like it, or specifically a person who is gay or lesbian, it’s not necessary to KILL people. Leave it to God and move on. Tolerance and Love people. Good grief…

I can’t stand the horror of it all and I don’t think it will be the last attack.  It makes no sense to me..It isn’t logical. It’s Awful. I feel so sad for the loved ones left behind, the people fighting for their lives in the hospital, those that were injured, those that are still alive and the remorse and Fear and Anxiety and Void that will surely scar them and their families. I feel sad for the young man’s family too. It’s so hard to imagine….I feel awful for the entire Orlando community, the neighboring cities, the country in general….What about the police  and the crime techs who worked the scene, the doctors and nurses, the turmoil, the chaos?  What must They be going through?

And what about the festival in California? Can you imagine if that guy with the bomb was not reported to the police? Good grief that would have been more killing….all those lives lost…

Not that age matters but most of the lost were so young…..barely able to live and love and hope and dream….the tears of their families and friends…..

So many people in Sorrow and Fear in one day….

—–and for the record, this has really got Anxiety standing up and clapping, smiling and creating havoc in my tummy so thanks for that too!!



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