How about a solution?

I am not formally educated but have sure been trying to obtain my degree for the past few years. However, here are a few solutions to the problem of terrorists in this country….

If one is on a ‘watch list’ and there is no evidence to ‘do anything’ until a crime is committed, how about keeping them on a ‘watch list’. If there is Anything that comes up for example, purchasing a weapon, ordering materials to make bombs, their terrorist connections, flights out of the country, or Anything At All suspicious, PICK THEM UP and MONITOR THEM CAREFULLY. How to do this?  Just pass another law, and quickly.

Think of all of the dumb laws that are on ‘the books’ (look it up) there are hundreds that don’t make sense. Pass another law and then it’s okay to intervene if one is associated with terrorist behavior. Easy. 

I’m not even smart and I can sit here and think of that in less than ten minutes.

DON’T BLAME THE GUNS.  We have a Constitutional Right to Bear Arms. However, PASS ANOTHER LAW FAST. Put more safeguards in place by Passing A Law. More background checks, more investigations for assault weapon purchase. Make it harder. Those of us that bear arms won’t mind. We would rather be safe. We would rather our children be safe. We Respect Guns and the way we use them. We are responsible. Normal people who bear arms, even if we own assault weapons Don’t Go Out and Kill Innocent People.

This is an easy one:  Don’t like the LGBT community? How about just Shut Up and Mind Your Own Business. Learn tolerance and Love. Educate yourself. People are People. Easy. Surely being gay or lesbian does not give one a right to Kill Them or Anyone Else. Give it to God and move on.

Intelligence community doesn’t have Enough People?  Cut some government waste and hire more people to monitor those that have terrorist ties. Government can’t afford it? Put out a call for Volunteers to do it for crying out loud. I bet retired law enforcement and military would gladly donate a little time to Monitor these people. Easy.

That’s several solutions from an uneducated Old Lady in less than fifteen minutes.

Wake up Legislators!  Make it happen!  End the Madness!

any one of us could be next…..


31 thoughts on “How about a solution?

  1. Toni, perhaps I am providing a solution that is too simplistic, however, if someone does not want to be involved with the gay community, then don’t. You told me in your post addressing the gay bashing that you have relatives that identify as gay or lesbian.


  2. Yes I do have relatives that are gay, and friends that are both gay and lesbian. I think that your solution is correct. Just don’t associate with the gay community, but don’t go killing them!!


  3. Toni, the fact that gay people exist does not bother me. In all honesty, if I was in an environment frequented by gay and/or lesbian couples, I would not really care. Probably not a bar, due to the fact that I don’t condone alcohol consumption, however, if I was in a restaurant that did serve alcoholic beverages, I would mind my own business and hope that other people would do the same. You said you were not all that smart. Quite honestly, I disagree.

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  4. I said that I have been out in public with my gay and lesbian friends and relatives. One time we did go to a bar that my cousin frequented. There were gays and straight people too. It did not feel weird to me. Just for the record, I don’t drink. I drank a coke!!


  5. Unfortunately, I have opened my big mouth about the gay community one too many times. I think that gays should have all rights as stated under the Constitution just as everyone else, they are Americans. There is too much bigotry, which I believe is fueled by ignorance. People don’t even know what the Constitution says. I have a small copy of it on my desk to refer to when I have a question. I think people learn about it in school, memorize enough to pass a test and then forget about it. Same goes for the amendments!! We have so many things to worry about these days, I don’t ‘get’ why people choose topics like these to argue about!


  6. Hello Jeffrey: Gotcha! Sometimes I say things before I think….I have been working on that. However, talking about the gay community and their rights, it’s a no brainer! But I still have taken flack for defending ‘them’. Speaking about gay people as ‘them’ even offends me!! They are just regular people with a different sexual orientation than heterosexuals. Thank you!


  7. Toni, this may sound extreme, however, the thought of Iran attaining nuclear weapons disturbs me more than the fact that people are in some cases gay. Gay people can’t help the way they are. If I had a son or daughter who was gay, all I would tell them is to be with whoever makes them happy.

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  8. Thank you Jeffrey! I agree completely!! My children’s happiness is tantamount, but I care more about what is happening in our world these days with all of the dangers and the lack of jobs…


  9. Hello Jeffrey, I agree. However, although I am in favor of defense of traditional marriage, I also think that if a gay couple is an American citizen, they have the same rights as everyone else, therefore under the Constitution, isn’t it a ‘right’ for them to be married…?


  10. Hello Jeffrey: Thank you! I used to be ultra conservative and maybe one of those, ‘pesky religious fundamentalists’…but I am not anymore. I have changed my views on many topics as I have decided to educate myself on these kinds of topics and not fear what I may not understand.


  11. Toni, I tend to be flexible with my thinking. No, I am not a hypocrite, however, I am willing to re-evaluate some thoughts I may have on some issues if presented with information that I had not previously considered.

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  12. Toni, I honestly don’t care if 2 men or 2 women want to marry. Heck, if I had a son who was gay or a daughter who was a lesbian, as long as the relationship either person was in was a healthy and constructive one, I would not have a problem with it. Now, in either event, if the relationship was abusive, I would not tolerate that. The only time it would be an issue in either case is if I had not been told about the person they were involved with in either event.

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  13. Hi Jeffrey: Grown children go to war at 18, can vote, and have all of the rights of Citizens under the Constitution. I think parents should let them live their lives…and squeeze every bit of Joy out of Life they can…


  14. Toni, regarding my last comment, the only requirement I would have is that I met and thoroughly interrogated the person my son or daughter would be dating, if they were involved with a person of the same or opposite sex. If the relationship in either event was healthy, good. If not, I would speak up. On religious grounds, I can understand objections to same sex marriage. The thing I don’t get is why marriage, be it traditional or same sex marriage, is used as a political talking point.


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