Comment and 14th amendment…

I really do not like writing about politics. However, have been interested in politics since I was a teen so I guess I am safe…It does open one up to scrutiny and that is the part I don’t like. However, I received a comment about the 14th amendment in response to a post I was writing about the LGBT community in Florida.

For those of you wanting more information about the 14th amendment, and don’t have a copy of the Constitution, the above link will give more information. There has been much debate about the 14th amendment in our political process.

————————The 14th amendment was also written for it’s time and is left to interpretation by the Supreme Court for issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with what was happening in the country 200 years ago….therein lies the problem, but still…

My opinion:  The government has such Big Problems to deal with, I feel that the subject of gay marriage should be given back to the states. However, I do believe that all citizens, regardless of their sexual orientation, should have the same rights as everyone else has under the Constitution.

Gay marriage is not the only issue I feel should be given back to the states. I have a list of things. This is why:  The government is too Big. They Waste Too Much Money. They Take Forever arguing. There are many issues that can get beyond government control by giving it back to the states. I won’t list them all here, but feel that the government should be focusing on keeping us safe, running the country, taking care of us in the global economy, and taking care of it’s people. The States are smart enough to deal with many issues that the government likes to stick its’ nose in.

My personal experience with gay marriage:

I have an aunt who was married to a man for many years. They had three sons and seemed very happy. She found out he was cheating on her with another woman and he eventually left her for that woman. She was drowning in sorrow. She became friends with a lady and I found out when I was 17 that she was more than friends with this lady. Not quite forty years passed. Today they are in their 70’s.

My Aunts have been together exclusively all this time. Once I recovered from my Ignorance and Fear and I began to practice Education, Tolerance, and Love through my Christian faith towards gay and lesbian folks, I had a talk with them.

My Aunts: Have you ever had a best girlfriend that you loved?

Me:  Of course.

My Aunts:  No, we mean Really love?

Me:  Of course.

My Aunts:  The kind of love that would take you to the other side of the world if they needed you?

Me: Of course.

My Aunts: Did you share secrets together, tell stories, laugh, cry, celebrate, share your love and your life?

Me:  Of course!

My Aunts: It’s the same with us, except there was a sexual component to it.

Me: Oh….

My Aunts:  Can you understand where we are coming from?

Me: In the sense of the friendship and love, yes but not the other stuff….

My Aunts: My darling, sex is overrated, don’t you think from your prospective as a heterosexual?

Me: You betcha.

My Aunts:  Do you still love us, enjoy us, want to spend time with us?

Me: Of course! I love you guys!!

—-This conversation began my education about the LGTB community. Love and no judgement.

They never got married. However, they have spent a lifetime together. My ‘new Aunt’ has more sense than the rest of that side of the family combined. She is a peacemaker, very loving and very wise. She takes better care of my aunt in every way than her husband ever did.

I leave the rest to God.


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