To take meds or not?

When I was young, I would never take any kind of medication unless I was just about ready to fall down. That includes cough medicines, pain medicines or headaches and the like. I did not have ‘Anxiety’, the kind where I can’t function normally until I was 27, and did not take medication for it until I was in my thirties. The only reason I took medication then was because I was about as low as I could get, swimming in the muck of one tragedy and trauma after another and could not function.

When I had #4, I had a c section, and had to be on medications. My doc had some extra time, so he came in and visited with me for an afternoon while I was at the hospital. He gave me his opinion on medication. He told me that no one on earth should be in pain of any kind. This was twenty years ago before people were openly abusing pain medicine. He said that if one has a headache coming on, take something for it because it will otherwise take the longer for the medication to work. I rattled his advice around in my head for several years until my Traumatic Life Events forced me to be on medications for Anxiety. I am off now thank goodness except for a very small dose, which I do not think does anything at all. However, I do have my ’emergency pills’ for those times when Anxiety just tap dances and punches me and pinches me and I can’t seem to function.

My thoughts on medication have evolved over time, as other thoughts and opinions have as I have grown older. I think it’s necessary to take certain medications if needed for health reasons. I also think that it is perfectly fine to take meds for Anxiety if needed, but only for a short amount of time. The reason for this is that I was on them for Years. They were keeping me in a state where I had no Feelings, or if I did, I couldn’t feel them. I also had no energy, slept much, and got fat.

I also agree with my doc’s assessment of old that if one is pain, do take pain medication. There is really no point in being in pain. For example, the past two weeks I have been having trouble with my teeth. I was given pain medications for just a few days, and I really needed them longer. However, because of abuse, the docs don’t give them out at much.

I am writing this because I would hate to see another young person suffer as I did because I thought I was, ‘being tough or brave’ by not taking medications when I should have been.


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