In bed…

In bed I stayed all day yesterday. I went out Friday night with my daughter for dinner. We had a wonderful time. We enjoyed the food from the venue where she will have her wedding reception. I of course snuck upstairs to see the ‘rooms’ set aside for weddings. All three are light and airy, beautiful, just perfect for her and her finance’ to have their reception.

However, upon waking yesterday, my tummy was acting up and I was sick all day. Tummy rolling, constantly in pain, it was not a good day. Since I have a House of Bedrooms, I only stayed in my bed. However, I did not read or play my online games or even blog. So for sure I was not feeling well.

Today I feel a little better, but enough to go to work. I work part time as a care giver for an older lady whom I hold much affection for. The problem is that she is about an hour away and there is no phone signal. With my belly being uncooperative, my head hurting, and my general feeling of being sick, I felt it was not a good idea to be working today. I am always afraid that if I am not’tip top’, something may happen to her. I called my employer and left messages, text messages, and an email but did not hear back from her. I hope that she gets my message. If not, I will feel bad that I failed someone again. But today I must take care of myself……

Ah, I am learning self caring first. A hard lesson to learn and very hard to do….

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