The book…because of being lonely

One can not cook without a proper stove
It’s too hot anyway with no air conditioning
In the humid summer months a gas grill is great if you know how to use it but
I don’t Not well anyway
One can not entertain with no chairs to sit on or if there is no one to entertain
No one can talk or start
Conversation when there is no one here
Or if there is
They are not interested in what I may have to say
My wisdom is not wanted
My opinions are not asked for
I am not needed except for emergencies so……
I talk to my dogs
One looks at me in pity
The other smiles lifts his leg then runs off
In my House of Bedrooms a true fixer upper
I celebrate each new mini blind installed
But there is no one to celebrate with me
I only wash the clothes for the family
And try and keep the house clean
No money to decorate
I am not a good painter, nor can build rooms or hang drywall
So I clean the yard
I am very isolated from the nearby places
I used to haunt for fun
My friends are busy
I am often ill due to what?
I don’t even know
I run to doctors all the time
And return with results that mean
They say I am in The Menopause which does not explain my loneliness so I
I write my book but keep getting stuck on the final climax
and keep Killing characters I get bored with what does that say about me?
Then I start to laugh my head off at the funny
And wonder
Will I ever get in finished?
Or worse yet will I ever
Get it published?


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