Anxiety support of one..

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I get a text when I go to the doctor

which is all the time these days

Practically a different doctor each day

for a new ailment it seems for way too many weeks

It reads

How did it go?—Day 1

How are you?—Day 2

Don’t worry….Day 3

Should I come home?—Day 4

I will cook tonight, just rest–Day 5

A funny picture to make me smile—Day 6

Are you dy’in yet with an emoji —-Day 7

through my tears of Worry and Anxiety

every day I worry

I get a text

and  when Anxiety is sticking me with a hot poker

I get a call

I am usually crying

He talks me through it

tells me to Breathe

“make your belly rise”

“hey is your belly rising”?

“stop holding your breath”….

He watched a documentary

about Anxiety

doesn’t understand it

but knows it’s Real

Sometimes he will go to the doctor

because he knows I will Imagine

all kinds of horrible things

He read books about The Menopause

so was prepared

who does that?

….My husband

God Love him….



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