That man….


I complain that I no longer matter to anyone in the house

That  the children no longer need me

That some of them don’t even like me

That they are moving on, moving out, getting married

Living their lives

I have no purpose

Why am I here

We never have enough money

I want to do this

I want to do that

I want Be this

I want to Be that

I am So Fat

I feel awful

I have all these ailments

I can’t do anything right anymore

My job is boring

I want to do something else

I don’t know what I want to do

I need a new hairstyle

I am really getting gray

I am always going to the doctor

Waiting on the doctor to call

What is wrong with me??

I am miserable

I hate to watch television

I have nothing to read

I used to be thin

I used to be pretty

I used to have energy

I used to be Strong

Now I cry All The Time

What is wrong with me??

Where are my friends?

Why is everyone so busy?

Why am I so miserable?

He pulls out a picture

I didn’t even know it was

In his wallet

We were young and a

Handsome couple

Always laughing

Cracking up laughing

Making plans

Dreaming Big

He says, “You look the same to me”….and you were always a little nuts…”

I toss my head back and cackle with


That Crazy Crazy Man

I love


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