Who is home…

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I glance up at the marshmallow clouds and wonder if you are seeing them too

Somewhere ….a place where I am not

I wonder where you are

When the air is heavy with moisture before a summer rain

Just before it pours

I wonder if you are nearby and can feel the rain coming…

I play my music and wonder if you can hear it

Wherever you are and are you thinking of me?

When the lightning dances across the sky and shows off its long fingers

I begin to shake and wonder if you are shaking too

When I begin to doubt everything I thought I was I

Wonder if you feel my insecurities

When I give in to Fear and Anxiety crawls up my back

I wonder if you know I am Scared

For no known reason

I cut flowers from the yard and arrange them

In a mason jar to settle my nerves

The door opens

An arm snakes around me

And I hear

“I was thinking about you all day, everything will be okay”….

And just like that

I am Home

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