Anxiety and me….

I finally received a call from the doc about my ‘lady problems’..I have been in ‘discomfort’ the last several days and was told I had a bladder infection. I was prescribed antibiotics which I picked up and started yesterday. Then I received Another call today from the doc. The ‘strand’ I have is resistant to the antibiotics prescribed. Sheesh!

Now they have to change it. I am thankful that the docs have the ability to see the correct antibiotics to give these days, instead of in the old days, just giving out one that ‘was sure to work’ but it’s kind of aggravating after you–first feel bad, then Wait and Wait, then get a medicine only to realize it Will Not Work, then have to get a new one.

However, I also learned that for ‘lady parts health’ cranberry supplements are effective in Helping, especially when you are in ‘post menopause’….Yes, I am going out and buying a Large Bottle of them today!You can also drink 100% of Organic Cranberry Juice each day, but since I am not always at home, and will most likely forget to drink my juice, I will get the pills and carry them with me!!   I was told this by the doc, so I don’t have to worry about taking supplements that may not work, cost a ridiculous amount of money, or may be Bad instead of Good…..Hope this may help some ladies who go through constant UTIs and bladder infections. One less thing to irritate us!

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