5 thoughts on “I Love My Dog — The Persistent Platypus

  1. I love dogs. They seem to know us better than we know ourselves in some ways. At one point I actually had 2 Newfoundland dogs. But I lost them both to old age as well as bad health. Dogs are a great deal of fun and a great deal of responsibility.

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  2. Hello Jeffrey: I love to ‘share’ the pictures of dogs that I follow on other blogs. They are so adorable, and I love to start my day by reading blog posts. The dog pictures are adorable! I have two that I have inherited from my college kids. They are ten years old and not very active but keep me company while my nest is emptying! I love all animals really and prefer them to people sometimes!! When I am not feeling well, the dogs seem to sense it and stay right with me all day!!

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  3. I really do love my dogs. I love all animals. But my Shih Tzu bit me for the first time in ten years July 4th weekend while I was grooming him and I am mad at him. He is ten and grouchy and I am sure that he didn’t mean to hurt me so badly, but I was hurt in my heart that he Actually Bit Me!


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