The Old Marine

An old man

sitting next to me

in a fast food joint

has a stack of books

on his table along with a

cup of coffee

the delightful squeals of children

fill the air as they eat their

ice cream cones

I look over at the titles of the books

I can see that they are from

the library

they are all about war

he is seated comfortably with a leg thrown

over a chair as if he were in his living room

he is taking notes as he reads

giant thick novels

he tells me no one is home

any longer

and he likes to come here amidst

the young families as he no longer hears from

his grandchildren

he remembers taking them here a long time ago

his wife worked across the street and he likes to come here

because they used to have lunch here together

and he likes to pretend

he will be meeting her soon

he comes here to read War Stories

and remembers his

Marine buddies

as he reads of



remembering the good times

of his life

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