I was working yesterday, care giving to an older lady, and was not able to receive any cell service. The lady I work for keeps her phone off so as not to wake her mom which I take care of. I work an hour away from home if there is no traffic. I am thinking I will quit because of my son’s heart condition. I don’t feel safe working so far away. I only work a few days a month anyway.

By chance yesterday, I glanced at the house phone and saw it ‘blink’ and I my daughter was calling. Apparently she talked to my husband and was on the way to pick him up and take him to a medical clinic.

For the past two weeks, he has had a nasty case of poison ivy, poison sumac, and poison oak combined, and went to the doc last week for it. He was put a regimen of steroids and an antibiotic of some kind as well as a cream. He was also given a steroid shot.

Apparently the sun really aggravates this kind of thing, which I never knew. H was not given any warnings to stay out of the sun.However, on Saturday he was in the sun just a few minutes and his face swelled up. By Sunday (yesterday), it was swollen to Twice its size, and could barely see. His lips were starting to tingle, and I could not leave the older lady I care for alone..Therefore, my daughter took him in to the medical clinic since I was so far away. They gave him more steroids, more shots, and more medicine….

Just wanted to put this out in cyberspace to warn others of what can happen from a nasty case of poison ivy and such. He is better, but all of those steroids can’t be good for anyone.

Me working so far away kicks up my Anxiety, so I think tomorrow will be my last day. My other posts were sometimes about me being lonely and no one liking nor needing me, guess they still do….every now and then. Better to get a part time job making less money closer to home. I know that will make me feel better….and for now, that’s what matters…

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