Book Reviews

I have read several books in May and June, and instead of listing them one by one, I have decided to do a complete post on each. I want to start with a Daily Bible Reading that I have been doing. I would like to say that I am reading each day, but I am trying to. It’s called:

Daily devotion: New Testament and Proverbs–

I think that 89 is the writer or publisher. I like this because it includes daily readings from the New Testament along with a Proverb. It is easy and simple, and that is best for me.

Who Murdered Mr. Malone? by Hope Calahan….This is considered a ‘cozy, Christian mystery’. There are many books in this series. It is cute, clean, and the main character is an older woman who has a Garden Club of Ladies that meet at a local restaurant. The main character is irritating to the local policeman and it’s adorable. The second book in this series by the same author is, ‘Grandkids Gone Wild’, another cute and cozy mystery. If you are looking for some light reading with a bit of humor, and of course a mystery, I highly recommend it.

Phoenix Island by Charlotte Paul – This is an exciting action thriller at first, a little romance sprinkled in, and a good story, but it gets rather predictable toward the end. Still a good read.

Ink and Bone by Lisa Unger – She is one of my favorite authors, very twisted. This particular book is part of one of her series and it is good. The main character is very cool and a little romance and paranormal along with mystery is interwoven. I do prefer her ‘stand alone’ books better, but I will read the next in the series.

One Night in Tehran and Two Days in Caracas by Luana Ehrlich–These are the first and second books in the series. I do think that there other books coming out featuring the main character. If you like international intrigue, mystery, action, and thrillers, you will enjoy these books. I will read the next in series.

Destroyer of Worlds by J.F. Penn – Full of mystery, twists, turn, international intrigue. I will be reading the next in the series. She has several books in a couple of series. This is my favorite series by J.F. Penn. Worth the read.

Tall Tail by Rita Mae Brown – One of my favorite authors and series. Animals, mystery, great cast of characters. I read everything by Rita Mae Brown.

I am not sure if I included this series in my last book review or not, but here is one that I just could not really ‘get into’…perhaps for someone else. A typical mystery, detective story which I usually love, but this time for some reason, I was bored and gave up. Three books in the series:  Long Time Dying by Solomon Carter….oh well….





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