My realtor friend….

I have a friend that is in her 70’s. She is a realtor, actually a broker now. A few years ago she purchased the real estate as well as a real estate franchise. She sold several homes I used to own and sold me homes I used to live in. When I first met her, the hubs and I were driving around a neighborhood we liked and saw, ‘the perfect house’ so we thought. Her name was on the sign and it was a Sunday afternoon. We called, expecting to get  a recording. She met us fifteen minutes later. She knew we were not wealthy, had credit issues, and a house that we would have trouble selling. She treated us as if we were wealthy. She has always been there for us just for advice and to offer encouragement, even after we lost our home in 2008. I asked once why she worked so hard, seven days a week, hardly ever took a vacation…even though she has money and has several homes of her own. She said, ‘Honey, I am so scared I am going to be poor like I once was and I don’t want to be poor again’…..


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