Your opinions please on weddings…

A friend of mine is getting married next year. She and her fiance do not want a lavish wedding, just something small, intimate, yet elegant…fun, yet classy. Fifty or so guests are invited. Her soon to be mother in law  wants the rehearsal dinner to be for all of the guests. She also wants to decorate for the rehearsal dinner..

. Since I was schooled in etiquette by my beloved Mom and Emily Post years ago, she asked me about the rehearsal dinner. They may have a rehearsal in the middle of the day. It depends on the Church’s schedule, as they are getting married in a college Chapel.

I asked the Bride to Be what she wanted. She at first did not want a rehearsal dinner.  I told her that the rehearsal dinner is for the Bridal party and their ‘plus ones’, not for all the guests. I also told her that the rehearsal dinner is not typically ‘decorated’ although the reception is..(of course)….I asked the Bride was she was envisioning if she decides she wants a rehearsal dinner.

She said that she wants it very small, low key, no one getting drunk, not too big of an ‘event’…she wants to spend the night before her wedding getting prepared for the wedding, getting enough sleep, not getting drunk, just pampering herself. She was thinking of a small gathering with perhaps a cocktail and finger foods, or something light being served. I suggested maybe a local winery for tasting and crackers and cheese, something on a time schedule (maybe an hour or so) if her restaurant idea didn’t pan out.

I think the future mother in law would like to be included in some way, the planning of the wedding. I am going to suggest to the Bride a few ways that she could include her, that way perhaps she won’t be so ‘pushy’ with her ideas…

Her future mother in law to be suggested and ‘pushed’ upon the groom a brewery. Now I have not ever been to a brewery and have no idea what that may entail. However, with the Bride not wanting everyone to get drunk, and wanting a light menu, a small gathering, I think a brewery is perhaps not the best idea….

What do you think?

Comments welcome!!

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