Researching Ticks…Eww!

Last evening I was sitting outside with the dogs, enjoying a late summer evening, watching them run all over the place when I glanced down and saw something on my leg. I didn’t have my glasses on, so thought it was a scab from shaving my legs or something.

Lo and behold, I put on my glasses and saw that it was a tick. Gross! I thought about this ‘thing’ I had been seeing for a few days on my leg and put my glasses on. The tick had been there a few days but I did not pay any attention, thinking I cut myself shaving.

There it is. I have to pay more attention to myself and take better care of myself. Of course just getting the tick out was not too bad. Then I started worrying and worrying, tummy like an elevator dropping twenty floors….Then of course I was on Mr. Google, looking up the differences between the various ticks. That research lead me to Lyme disease, and looking that up. Then I started going into the brighter lit rooms, to see if I had the rash…This went on for over an hour. Ridiculous.

All insects freak me out but ticks scare me. It seems that the tick is most likely a dog tick, or brown tick, but I am still going to be cautious and keep a watch on my leg. I really have to start taking better care of myself….


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