Old Books

for thesoleme


Ipads, ereaders,and  Kindles are nice

They give us adventures, thrills and advice

They fit neatly in our hands, bags and purses

tantalize us with their words and verses

Where are the libraries in brick and mortar?

What happened to library fees being just a quarter?

No matter to me, I hope they stay

for I love them so much more anyway

The feel of the pages, the edge of the spine

I relish adventures that are just all mine

I bring up the book real close to my face

The dust blows away without any trace

I love the smell of books both new and old

They are warm and mystic, not modern and cold

They fill up my senses and bring me such calm

Caressing my heart like a loving balm…

Dreaming of castles, yet getting strange looks….

in the Library

smelling Old Books



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