Four days, no writing!

For four days I have been unable to write. On Saturday, July 2, I was enjoying a beautiful day with sun shining, a gentle breeze, and decided to groom the dogs. The two dogs I have really belonged to my daughters. One is back home so she still takes ‘ownership’. However, with money being tight, I decided I would groom them outside. I did the old fashioned bucket thing, because I don’t have an outside water hose. I had my son fill the four buckets with water. I then, spread a sheet on the ground, assembled my brushes, combs, and scissors, and began to groom the Shorkie. She is very sweet, although ten years old, and even though she was not happy, she allowed me to cut out all of her mats, trim her coat nice and thin, and bathe her. Next was her husband, the ShihTzu, also ten years old. Mr. Buttons is grouchy and has always been. He has never bit me in ten years. I was holding him, just using scissors to cut his longer hair, and all of sudden, he chomped down on my hand. Under my wrist was a puncture wound, and I was afraid it was on a vein, but it was just the bottom of the wrist. On the top of the same hand, I had a small injury, almost like his tooth grazed me, and I was not worried at all. By 9:00 p.m, I had terrible pain, could not move my hand, and it swollen to twice it’s size. By midnight, I was in the emergency room. I had x-rays, and the doc gave me Augmenton to take, even though it makes my tummy hurt terrible, plus a lot of other nasty things. He said it was the best medicine for an animal bite. I could not remember if I had a tetanus shot, so had to get another. So for the past four days, I have been unable to write, type, or do anything, I am so sick from the meds. Yesterday I called my doc and she said that if she prescribed something else, or if I stopped taking it altogether, I could get Staph in My Bones from a dog bite!!  Never heard of such. Putting it out here in cyberspace so others could beware.



One thought on “Four days, no writing!

  1. I once got an infection from my cat’s bite, she had an tooth abscess we hadn’t seen and was silently getting sick (possibly why she bit) my infection was dangerous because the cat’s abscess transferred, it would have been worse but the vet sent me to the doctor.

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