Motorcycle theft and profiling…

Two days ago a blue motorcycle was stolen in my town. My son rides a blue bike. (damn that bike)! He was riding around town before work, as he likes to do and was pulled over by the police. They called it in and found out that it was not the bike stolen. Then something very strange occurred. The officer said he ‘smelled weed’ on my son. Now my son has HCM heart disease and does not smoke pot. He carries his back pack when he rides to hold his water which he is supposed to drink. The officer called for back up. About twenty minutes later, another car arrived. All this time, my son was in the heat, although had his helmet off. He was in the 98 degree weather. They searched his backpack and of course did not find anything. My son was not allowed to open his backpack. He told the officer he had heart disease and could he please open his pack and get a drink. The officer said No and wouldn’t open it for him. When the other car arrived, the other officer opened the pack, searched it, found the card which says he has heart disease, as well as searched his helmet which also says he has heart disease. My son asked the other officer if he could please have a drink of water. The officer opened a brand new bottle of water, smelled it, and gave it to him.

Profiling teens much?


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