Waking up to shootings…

I have not been feeling well, as usual, and have not really been able to write, nor to pay much attention to the news. However, I awoke this morning to two different shootings, both of African Americans, both by police. I am very upset over these two shootings, and of course all shootings..However, the shooting in Minnesota had tears running down my face while watching the video live streamed by the man’s girlfriend via Facebook. The policeman was wrong. I watched the video several times. The police officer hollered that he told the man Not to reach in his pocket, the girlfriend denied it. Whatever the story is, the rest of the video tells so much. Someone said to me this morning, ‘Why was she so calm, must have wanted her ten seconds of fame’. I retorted, ‘She had to do this,  to show the wrong doing….she probably would have been shot herself if she tried to help her boyfriend….and it’s obvious she fell apart afterward’. Horrible.

The officer had no cause to shoot the young man in the first place. If in fact he was told not to reach for his identification, which I doubt because at all traffic stops you are asked to show your ID and registration….. The man also correctly told the officer that he had a permit and a gun. If the man posed a threat, why tell the officer that? If in fact the officer told him Not to reach in his wallet, and the man did it anyway, the officer had no reason to shoot him Four Times. Hand cuffing him to the steering wheel, asking him to get out of the car and cuffing him until he took the gun for a moment and called in the registration and tags would have been sufficient. It may have caused an uproar, but he would have been Alive. Shooting him in the way the officer did it, along with a child in the car, was Horrible. The girlfriend obviously Fell Apart once placed in the police car herself.

Question:  Would the officer have reacted the same way if the driver were white?  I don’t know. I hope so. But I do think that this is a case of Racial Profiling Gone Wrong. I think the officer acted with Excessive Force, and extinguished a Young Life for No Reason. He had No Record. He had a job. He just had a broken tail light. Furthermore, the officer should be Off with No Pay because of his actions. He should then be tried and convicted. Do not police officers have some kind of first aid training? Could he not have taken off his shirt and applied a tourniquet to try and save the young man? Perhaps I am just an old woman rambling my thoughts but there is something Very Wrong with this incident.

The other incident shown was in Louisiana. The man shot was known to have money on him for selling CDs. A homeless person was asking him for money and he showed the gun he carried after telling the man to go away. The homeless person then  called the police. Once the police came, he was stun gunned according to the news. Was it necessary to have two officers on the man, and because he had a gun, shoot him over Four Times Dead? Do they not know how to cuff him and take him to the station? It was wrong of the man to ‘brandish his gun’ and perhaps scared the homeless man, and he should answer for that. However, did the officers have to Kill Him?? Was this Racial Profiling or would the same be done to someone who was white?

Is this more than Racial Profiling? Are our police Not Trained? Are they Scared? It seems to me that they should all have body cameras to show their accountability although theirs conveniently were broken. The man on the ground did not seem to be threatening the officers although he did ask what they were doing….Why not cuff him and take him in? Why Kill Him??

In both cases, these men were Killed by the Police. This should not take a million senate hearings, a million committees, or Red Tape that goes on Forever. This should be taken care of Immediately, by each county, each state, Immediately. KILLING for no reason has to stop.

I pray for the families of these terrible tragedies….




15 thoughts on “Waking up to shootings…

  1. Thank you!! I also think that the officers should be in jail tonight instead of on ‘admin leave with pay’…you or I would definitely be in a jail cell tonight if we committed murder!


  2. Hello Jeffrey: I am a firm believer in the second amendment, however, I do not think that responsible gun owners would mind if they had to wait a little longer for those that may on a ‘watch list’….I don’t know of any gun owners that have assault type rifles either, except for a few that are collectors and want every kind of gun known to man. They certainly don’t use them..I think it’s better for the Police to be wearing body armor so that they are more protected, body cameras for accountability, and perhaps be taught not to shoot to kill, only if they have to…for example: self defense.


  3. I think that the politicians will use anything to argue about. Some of their ideas I agree with, others I don’t. The problem isn’t the weapons, it’s the people using them in irresponsible ways. However, if Congress gets involved, it will continue to be nothing but red tape and arguments going on forever. I am hoping that communities can begin to get on the same page and heal together…..one can hope. It’s awfully scary these days..


  4. Toni, I am very much a supporter of the right to gun ownership. Personally, I think the only bans on gun ownership should apply to violent criminals. In all honesty, I think that when all hell breaks loose, people should be able to defend themselves by any means necessary. Automatic weapons, semi-automatic weapons-in my opinion, both should be able to be used by the military and the general public.


  5. Hello Jeffrey: I was raised with guns. I received my first Bear cat pistol for my ninth birthday. I was reloading bullets (yes with real gunpowder, weird bio parents) at ten. So I have grown up to be a responsible gun owner. I have gone hunting, but I am too impatient. I do however, Love to Skeet shoot! A family member of mine is a collector. He has all kinds of toys. You don’t even have to line up the sights. It practically shoots itself. I hope that the world doesn’t crumble, but these days, who can tell…I agree with you that we should be able and will probably need those automatic weapons!! (Plus they are pretty cool to look at!!)


  6. Jeffrey, I completely agree with you..in fact, I think some of the school shootings were in ‘gun free zones’….I carry and have a permit to do so, but have been for years. Probably because I grew up that way. All the older family members did before it was ‘fashionable or necessary’ to do so…Many of my friends think I am just a crazy old lady and are afraid when they know I am ‘packing’, therefore keep my gun locked up in the car. However, it is natural to me to carry. Many a day I am at the range. I like to target shoot. I recently tried bow hunting with one of my sons but am too little to hold one properly. A gun is actually an extension of my hand but my husband has never liked guns and does not approve of me carrying. I have done so since I was 21, so I still do! I like going to the range because I go alone and it is natural for me. I think that those that are afraid of guns just aren’t comfortable and are not knowledgeable about them. Unfortunately, these days, I am glad I carry for protection. Everyone is acting so doggone crazy it seems…


  7. Toni, I think that you should have ID and the money to purchase whatever firearm you want. You should not have to get a permit to own or use the gun. Another thing that was ridiculous was the absence of any firearms in Aurora, Colorado in a movie theater showing the film The Dark Knight Rises. I am not a kooky crackpot conspiracy theorist who thinks government is coming for our guns, however, I find it likely that gun-related tragedies will always be politicized by people with anti-gun agendas.


  8. Hello Jeffrey: Normally I would disagree with having to have ID and permits to carry a gun. However, with the recent Florida shooting, the man did have a background check and that did No Good…so I am going to think about what you said……
    What is strange is that I was just telling someone the other day that there seemed to be no one from the establishment itself (Florida) that had a gun. I think the security guard did, but what about the manager? The same goes for the Movie Theater. I agree with you 100%. If there were people there that had guns, perhaps the shooter could have been taken out sooner with much less loss of life. But with that statement here is my question:
    Let’s say for example I was in the theater and was armed and was able to take out the shooter. Wouldn’t I go to jail if I did that? (personally I would take him out when shooting everyone occurred, but I still wonder if I would be charged”?
    I am not a conspiracy theorist either, but I would not be surprised if they Tried to take our guns. Politics is really getting crazy and confusing these days…


  9. Toni, the only conspiracy theories that are interesting to me are those surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Otherwise, I find conspiracy theories absurd for the most part.


  10. I have watched several documentaries on the Kennedy assassination and the arguments that there were two shooters were quite compelling. I have to admit that I have read about other ‘conspiracy theories’. Some are just to much to believe!!


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