Heat Alert!!

You know that ‘face’ that children make when they are little and you Know that they don’t feel good? Well, sometimes, most of the time, my children still have ‘that face’ when they don’t feel good, even as adults.

My daughter has been working with the hubs on a painting job for a few days. She’s an artist and loves to paint, and wanted to work with him. They came in from work last night, looked at her face, I just Knew….she had a certain ‘look’ around her eyes. As she sat on my bed, (since I have a House of Bedrooms), and she laid down and looked at me. She said she was very weak, and threw up twice on their way home. She felt shaky and nervous. She had only drank Mountain Dews the entire day, no water. They were working in the 98 degree heat. She was also sun burned. She just didn’t look right….I had something in the back of my mind, and looked up Heat Exhaustion. She had all the signs. She also seemed dehydrated.

What I did not Know…was that she had Nothing to drink since the Fourth of July except alcohol, sodas and coffee. No Water At All. I tried to convince her to go to the emergency room and of course, being 21, refused. I was beginning to get seriously worried. I put the air conditioner on High, placed her in front of it, ran a cool shower for her, and she tried eating a little. An hour later, she was throwing up again.

I calmly grabbed a few throw blankets, because I knew that the hospital would be cold. I grabbed tissues and a bottle of water. I told my daughter to get in the car. The hubs said he would drive and I told him to, ‘hit it’…meaning Go Over The Speed Limit….

Upon arrival at the hospital, her blood pressure was pretty high, but she was very upset so I was not too worried. They tried over eight times to draw blood and start an IV. There were over four nurses and an EMT trying to get her hooked up. Her veins were collapsed because she was so dehydrated. They finally succeeded and my daughter was exhausted from being exhausted and also from all the needle pokes. Tears were falling like rain so I knew that although she was Very Dehydrated, she could still cry, which was good.

I asked for a sedative to calm her, and after four hours and two bags of fluid, we were released at 3:00 in the morning. She is still not up to par, but slightly better. Her white count is very high, but the doc said she has seen that with those who are severely dehydrated, although I am watching my daughter like a hawk.

It’s odd the way things work out. I posted the past few weeks about  The Empty Nest, how I felt unneeded and all that. Then something like this happens, and I am back in Mom Mode. I really don’t want to be in Mom Mode when the adult children are sick because it really scares me. The hubs was scared too. Like twenty years ago, I am buying soup, crackers, Popsicles, Gatorade, and making toast for her. I guess being a Mom never really stops!

I wrote this post to remind people to stay hydrated in the awful heat! It only goes to show that even when young, one can dehydrate quickly and become ill quickly.  Water, water, water!  I don’t much care for it either, but I do drink more now than I ever have. Adding fruit slices to it or flavored Crystal Light helps it taste better. I always carry water with me, and when I get too hot in the summer, I do just like I have always done, Pour it Over My Head when out!!  It used to embarrass the kids!! I still do it and don’t care at all. Better being cool and hydrated than end up in the hospital!


2 thoughts on “Heat Alert!!

  1. The first time I got (mild) heatstroke as an adult I was out with 2 small kids and my mother in law, I hope she enjoyed mothering me (like you) cos she certainly did a great job.

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