Protesting….and Racial Profiling….

I have never been able to Protest anything. I began  to think about this once I heard about the Dallas shootings of the Police Officers. The main reason is because I have never had the time. However, in lieu of the shootings of the the two young black men, one in Louisiana, the other in Minnesota this week, if there were a local protest, I would have participated. One reason for this is that now I have the time to do these kinds of things. The other reason is because I really believe in Protesting the shootings of this past week. However, when I heard about the shootings at a Peaceful Protest, I thought twice about it. I am not in Dallas anyway, but there are protests that were about an hour or so away from me. As I think about it, I am glad that I did not participate.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, we are a blended family of several different races and colors. I have not paid attention to racial profiling as much as I should have. I have spoken with my adult children the past few days about it and did some research that left me in tears, and have come to the conclusion that racial profiling is Real.I have seen over eight reports along with videos about black men and teens being shot by white police officers. Some of the reports and videos I saw are so blatantly obvious that the police acted using excessive force which ended a young life. I had to take a break from reading and watching because of my great sorrow.

I have a grandson who is a baby, but he will always have to be careful with the police because of his color. I can’t wrap my mind around a country as great at the United States that can not train the police properly, or give them the tools needed to protect and serve, but not to kill unless in self defense. It’s ridiculous.

How to fix this problem? First, we have had racial problems in this country for over two hundred years. Land was taken from the Native Americans, creating friction. Land was taken from Latinos in the Border States and California, creating tension. Enslaving African Americans in order to Make Money and Hurting Them and Treating Them worse than Animals has created hatred. Rounding up the Japanese Americans after WWII has created racial tension. The list goes on and on. Until the American People Change how they feel about one another….the hatred and hate crimes will continue to breed. Forgiveness and tolerance first. Second, training should be overhauled for police officers. They should be equipped with the proper body armor so that they are protected. Cameras should be mounted on their cars and their persons as part of their uniforms to keep them accountable. If they kill instead of stop and apprehend, unless it’s in self defense, they should Go To Jail. I would be thrown in Jail for Killing; they should be as well.

Guns are not the problem, irresponsible people are the problem.

If and when we all get on the same page, we should direct our attention to Terrorism because the Terrorists have said that they are coming. What better  time than when we are killing each other?




2 thoughts on “Protesting….and Racial Profiling….

  1. I like most what you said at the end about getting on the same page. That page will necessarily be beyond ourselves and beyond any one cause created by man. The cause was given to us all along but instead we idolize our traits and pain. The one cause is Jesus Christ sent to save us. Without this we are arguing over what is good and what is the problem over and over again.


  2. Thank you, I agree completely. I am afraid that if we don’t resolve these issues quickly, there will be no police to hold order, and there will be racial wars and I am afraid. I do pray that those involved and feel hatred will come to the realization that the Lord made us all in His image, we are all equal in His eyes!!


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