Book Reviews

As some of you know, my Book Reviews are not in depth because I want to give you, the reader, a chance to judge for yourself if you like the book.  Here are the books I have read thus far in July:

30 Pieces of Silver by by Carolyn McCray:  This book is filled with intrigue, puzzles, twists and turns, and Biblical History. If you are a Christian, you will surely think it is blasphemy.

Someone like You by Suzanne Jenkins:  Love story with a twist. It keeps you engaged, it was pretty good for a romance book.

Any Means Necessary by Jack Mars:  International intrigue, twists and turns, a bit predictable but good to pass the time.

————————————————————————–Free Falling by Susan Kiernan-Lewis and Going Home, the next book in the Series…

This story has been done before but I liked the beginning of the book because it started out a little different, and held my attention to the end. The second book is a continuation of the first, a bit predictable….

Someone Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead by Christiana Miller – If you like paranormal ability books with some humor and mystery mixed in you will enjoy this read.

Stepping Down by Michelle Stimpson – Christian Book – This is a good book that I enjoyed reading very much. The characters are very true to life and I would read more books by this author.

War Hawk by James Rollins – I never get tired or bored with this author. This is a series about an ex military dude that works with his war dog, Kane. They always catch the bad guys of course, but lead you on a merry chase with intrigue, great plots, twists and turns and of course delightful details about the wonderful Kane. This book is based on true stories of soldiers and their dogs. A delight!



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