Happy thought…

I wrote a book a few years ago and have been working on it sporadically. I wrote the ending first, then did the research for the beginning, and have been ‘tweaking’ it ever since. Some times I am really in the mood for editing and changing, other times I am just not motivated…thus my blog. I figured if I blogged everyday, it would be a great exercise for me to improve as a writer and give me motivation to Keep Writing.  One would think that their family would be supportive of one writing a book. Some of my family members are, but the majority of them cringe when they see me coming with my laptop. Tonight I decided that I really needed a ‘writing group’. Two people looked over the first three chapters and liked the book. They also gave me some really good feedback. Not feedback that said, ‘this is really good’, but feedback that would change the book that made sense and helped it flow better. I think with just these few changes I can finish it by the end of next month. I am hoping that these two people will continue to be interested and help me ‘tweak’ it here and there. I will then begin the daunting task of getting it published!! This Happy Thought is one of the first ones that is about Me!!


2 thoughts on “Happy thought…

  1. Working with my new writers’ group, I have seen their wisdom in changing a few things. I wanted to include a Prologue, but was talked out of it. Now I am going to put it back in. As soon as I ‘tweak’ a bit more, I will post the first few chapters on my blog. Really need that feedback!!! Thank you!!


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