Pain killers…..

Over the weekend I had a tooth start to POUND and I was ready to POUND my fist in the dash of my car. HURT so bad!!  I just had this dumb tooth filled a few weeks ago and suffered Awful antibiotics for a week as well. Thought I was Done with It. Apparently not! Struggled though until today and called the dentist. He saw me last week and said I now needed a root canal. This is a dental clinic I go to. I can not afford to go to a regular dentist office. I am very thankful for the clinic, however, you don’t get all the ‘bells and whistles’ at a dentist office. I was just cringing in pain, but called and expected to get the receptionist. I had prepared myself for getting the dumb tooth pulled, and then another two and just getting a bottom plate, although I do not want to do that. Couldn’t believe it when the Director answered the phone. She immediately made a quicker appointment for me and said, ‘My dear, I think pain killers are reasonable for you until you come in on Wednesday’….I was astounded!  To be Offered pain killers!  Oh Joy! I ran out to my car and got the script and took it right to the pharmacy. Now I can make it to Wednesday!! I know, weird that I am looking forward to Getting a Root Canal!!  However, I really want to keep the few teeth I have on the bottom. So tired of looking like a wolf…(I rather like looking like a wolf actually, but it’s not good for business)…Go me!!  So I am happily blogging tonight without pain!!

3 thoughts on “Pain killers…..

  1. Hello Sestina: I love your blog!!! Makes my mornings!! Don’t be scared. I have the biggest phobia of the dentist due to a tooth being knocked out when young and getting a horrific Scary root canal by a new dentist. Just tell them that you are afraid, and they will be very kind and gentle. If you can, get pain killers!! Makes it all a breeze. I Hate tooth PAIN!!


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