Some Nice Changes…

I awoke late which is not my normal. I like to get up early, let the dogs out, have my coffee and read blogs. I am on Pain Killers for my Irritating Tooth so that is probably why. I am also very sleepy. I was so glad to hear from two of my daughters in the morning. One was by text, which is the norm for the younger ones, one was by phone, which was a delight. We chatted for over an hour. I noticed that I usually spill everything I want to say out in a matter of minutes because I am afraid they have to get off the phone. They are all so busy! Today was different. #2 and I spoke for a long time. I am trying to be mindful of Listening.

I asked her questions about her life, her thoughts and opinions on some political issues, and touched only briefly on my ailments, which is great. This was a nice change. Listening.

The other change that was nice is that last night I stayed up sooo late blogging, and usually the hubs goes to sleep after me and leaves the news on All The Time. I don’t mind the news, I like to be informed, but it gets Tiresome and Depressing after a while. He fell asleep before me. I discovered the Music Channels on the television and found very relaxing, Zen like music. I went to sleep by it. I used to have ‘Nature CDs’ that I loved but can’t find them since we moved. They are my favorite. I try not to use my Spotify as much because of data usage, and right now I need to be mindful of spending money…So thank goodness I realized that I have Music on Satellite television. (still miss my beloved cable)!!

Another nice change today was that #5 Offered to go to the grocery store. Wonder of wonders!! All I have to do is give a list and provide the cash. I really don’t want to do anything today except take a nap. Pain Killers are great because they really do help with the Pain of my Irritating Tooth, but they make me very tired. (also staying up in the wee hours didn’t do much for me either)….

Finally, I am giving myself permission to take a nap today and putting everything on my ‘to do’ list off until I am feeling better!!

Scratch another thing I have to do on the daily:  Take out the dogs. They are older and lazy but like me to stand around while they smell everything, walk around, sun bathe, do their business…you get the idea. Today they went out on their own and barked to come in!! Guess they are getting used to The House of Bedrooms!!


7 thoughts on “Some Nice Changes…

  1. You write with such an immediacy and charm. Feels like I was visiting with you. We have much in common…the hubs with the news, and the joy of conversations with daughters. Thank you for sharing and best wishes for the end to the dental issues. They are no fun at all. 🐞

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