Writing and me…..

I mentioned a few posts back that I decided I needed a ‘writer’s group’ so had two people read the first few chapters of my book that I have been working on For Too Long. They had mostly editorial feedback, but also some ideas that were really good which I plan to implement. I don’t have writer’s block, but I am really over thinking my story. To add a prologue or make it a first chapter? Too much detail or not enough?

I have been thinking about this all day. I have finally given myself a Deadline which is good in some ways but Terrible in others. I wrote the book backwards. The ending first. Researched the beginning. Changed and re-changed the middle. What to do?

Then I was reading a ‘Real Book’ last night after reading my blogs that I follow, (sometimes I get lost in them)…..some bloggers I read are just so doggone Great that I read the archives which lead to more archives which lead…..you get the idea. Don’t get me started on the great foodies out there. I love to read cookbooks although I don’t cook much anymore so you can imagine that I now Want to cook after seeing all the yummy easy things to prepare…Then there are the Photo and Art and Travel blogs..and the Christian blogs that I get lost in……I go down bunny trails….

The ‘Real Book’ I am reading is formatted for a Kindle, and it only has 500+ pages. That started me down another bunny trail, thinking do I have enough words? Pages? Maybe I don’t…..then I worry about that….which is unfortunate because I have two other books in the works and then I start thinking about them…The main character is a guy that just doesn’t have much to say. He is a very simple man, and when he does say something it is relevant, however, I don’t like ‘fluff’ just to add words….of course it is a mystery along with some history and then there is a character (Ssshhh!! can’t tell!!) that is so hilarious that as I am writing I crack up laughing so hard I just can’t finish….(It’s a good thing I am writing the book for ME)….then I start thinking of all of the poetry and prose I have saved up and think perhaps I should publish that first…See what I mean?

Therein, lies the problem. Maybe I am too ditzy to be a Real Writer…Nah, that just can’t be….someone told me I need an outline, and I know that they are useful for some, but I really Hate them. Outlines annoy me.

and that’s why I get nothing done…..


2 thoughts on “Writing and me…..

  1. Hi! Like your blog. Commenting on your statement about outlines, every writer has their style. Outlines work for some and not others. Like you, I tried using outlines, but would end up trashing them. Thoughts flow easier when you’re not confined to structure . . . well, at least for me. Happy writing!!!!


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