Home schooling and me..

We only have one more child to home school, and he is going into the 10th grade. Once completed, he will take his GED and enter community college for two years. Then once the Associates’ Degree is awarded, it’s his choice to enter University. That’s what we have done with the youngest four. One has a Masters’ , one a Bachelors’, one is still in community college, and one is still in home school. #1 is married and has his Bachelors’ but went to public. #2 has her Masters’ but went to public and Christian schools….The rest of the story is in former blog posts.

This last child is a boy, aged 15, and we are dragging our feet on a few assignments mainly because of my ailments, the move, and his lack of motivation and Hatred of School..

Yesterday before I went to the dentist, he said,

“Look Mawm, you’re hormonal, I am hormonal too according to You, and just don’t worry about any of it, we will get it done”!!

He is right!!

More on Home schooling and me later…


16 thoughts on “Home schooling and me..

  1. Hello Jeffrey, you are correct. However, the government does oversee home schooling. It is legal in all of the states I think. However, as a home schooling parent, there are different rules and guidelines that one must adhere to. It varies from state to state unless one claims religious exemption.

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  2. I used to think so too, however, once you are resigned and determined to home school, for whatever reason, there are rules, and thus we should go by them. Some parents don’t. I always wanted to be a legitimate home schooler because then my children would have transcripts and such if they ever went back into the public education system.. Many home schoolers do not use a state approved curriculum. I always have felt more confident in the curriculum I use because they are accredited by the State of Virginia, they do the grading, and provide transcripts, which are useful when the student is entering college…. Thank you Jeffrey! What do you think about home schooling? I really do not like it. I have been doing it a long time, but was wondering what you thought about it…


  3. Hello Jeffrey: That’s a good one! I have asked my two Teacher children about Common Core because they are ‘in the thick of it’ and I didn’t really understand what it was. I have heard political candidates for and against it, and couldn’t figure out why….My girls told me that Common Core is a basic curriculum of reading, math, science, English, history–all taught the same throughout the country–the goal being able to improve the current standards to the higher states’ standards and preparing the students for higher education. However, I disagree with part of it (if that is what it really is) mainly the history part. For example, I think that the history of how our country was started should be taught, but also each state should also have it’s own history taught. I am for anything in the education system that will get American students ‘up to par’ with the global world. For example, we need scientists and doctors and researchers, etc…..I don’t see anything wrong with common core per se, but am not sure about it…What do you think?


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