Black Lives Matter….??

As some of my followers know, we are a mixed bag of several nationalities and races. My family, that is. I was born ‘color blind’…(not literally) and it never bothered me one way or another. I love all my children for who they are. I have also experienced racism as a white woman (although I look Mediterranean, as I am  third generation Italian)..That being said, I hear different things from my grown children about The Black Lives Matter movement. I just see the protests on television.

I also know that the children that are part black have different views than my children that are white.

I was confused so asked two different men about the movement. One man was a middle aged black man, one a middle aged white man. (I meet the most interesting people at the laundry mat)!!  Both of them agreed on what the movement was about.

They both said the same thing. That the Black Lives Matter Movement is to raise awareness of racism against people of color, the goal being equal pay, equal rights, and to end racial profiling with the police. Neither man could answer why some of the protests I have seen are filled with phrases such as, ‘What do we want’? Dead Cops! and so forth….they both said it was just ‘the radical branch of the movement’….

My question to them was, ‘If that’s the case, shouldn’t the leaders of the movement emphasize Peaceful Protest, which is fine and a Right under the Constitution’? ‘Isn’t this type of language stirring up racial unrest, which is what the Movement is against’? They both agreed, ‘Yes’.

Well, I got my question answered but I still don’t understand why some of the leaders don’t tamp down on the violent rhetoric….

And I really do wish that our Leaders on both state and federal levels would address this problem once and for all so that we can end racial unrest, profiling and violence. It really shouldn’t be that hard…


Stop the Violence!!


24 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter….??

  1. Thank you Jeffrey! I know that the movement may have good intentions, but I really have not seen any protest that has ended well. Granted, I have only seen them on U Tube and the television. I have also listened to some of their leaders. I do know that unfortunately racism is alive and well, but I do not see any good that the movement is doing. I would like to see them not protest in an offensive way, screaming, ‘What do we want? Dead Cops!’ I don’t like that. I am trying not to be against the movement due to my family that is so colorful, however, it is hard to support some of them when they tout the movement as great, and it is a bit offensive to me!


  2. Hello Jeffrey: Thank goodness I have always been color blind! However, there is such racial division these days, and I know that there has been in the past as well. It’s downright ridiculous and the violence is scary…


  3. Toni, why do white liberals insult black conservatives and get a free pass and get pissed off when a white conservative says derogatory things about black liberals? If that is not a double standard or a form of hypocrisy, I don’t know what is.

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  4. Hah! Jeffrey that is so funny….I think the same way!! In Europe it is so different. I have many friends that are from Europe and the blacks and whites do not ‘distinguish’ themselves by color like it is here in the US. I have no idea why the white liberals can insult black conservatives. Each to his own. I don’t understand it on the other side either: A white conservative saying things about a black liberal. I think the political climate this year is just nasty, nasty and I am not happy with any of them…..


  5. Hello Jeffrey: I agree. Isn’t voting supposed to be private anyway? I am so sick of hearing the candidates bash one another and the commentators bash one another. It’s amazing that they get paid to do it!!


  6. Toni, the fact that we have such a politically correct mentality as a nation is absurd in some ways. I have no problem with decorum and decency, however, if taken to extremes, political correctness may lose its effectiveness.

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  7. Hello Jeffrey: You are so right. I am going to write about my 11 days of television at some point. I have watched the news from several different channels until I am sick of it. Candidates as well as commentators can certainly state their views in a polite manner. ‘Political Correctness’ has become so ridiculous that I don’t know what to say these days because someone will no doubt be offended! The Candidates spend too much time bashing the other side as do the commentators when their platforms is what they should be talking about. Sickening.


  8. I think all lives matter, no matter color nor religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation…I don’t like these movements that single one out they just seem to stir up more unrest which we don’t need right now!! Thanks Jeffrey!!


  9. It just boggles me that this has to be explained at all! Of course, all lives matter, but those that are in need; the less-fortunate, the sick, the hungry; the elderly, children, those who are discriminated against, ridiculed, and even murdered for being of a specific race, need more attention. So, say it loud #blacklivesmatter right now because we are being killed because we are black!
    I wrote a poem this morning on my blog site LADYHOOD and I would love your feedback, please check it out

    very insightful post….

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