More gun violence…

I awoke to more gun violence today. I spoke with #1 and he said he thinks Americans are becoming desensitized to it all, until violence strikes them personally. I did not give my opinion. I wanted to think about what he said for a while.

I am if anything, more sensitive to it. I hate to turn on the news these days, but I still do because I want to be informed about what is happening in the news.

The coup in Turkey? I have heard good and bad things about the current PM and the unsuccessful coup. My first concern was how will that affect America in the Middle East?  I know we have about 1500 or so personnel over there on military bases…My second and more important concern were those injured or killed during the coup. My heart broke..again.

Maybe I am feeling such sorrow because I am getting older? Maybe it’s the Menopause? Maybe I have more time to think on such things….perhaps it’s because we now have 24/7 news and access to information about the world at large and not just our local towns?

I was still reeling from France…..Two of my kids were in Europe a few months ago studying and both of them wanted to go to France. Then I looked up some statistics and found that France has been a target many times in the past few years of terrorism. That surprised me and I wondered why and did some more research, just to answer my own question of ‘why’? It is irrelevant, so many were killed and injured and they were innocent. It’s horrible.

Then this morning, I heard of one officer shot in Minnesota Saturday night and more police shot and injured in Louisiana this morning. What in the world is going on? Why are people killing the police in America?  Who would want to become an officer these days? As I was flipping through channels and seeing the different reports, I heard a report that the officers are not even outfitted properly. Their vests do no good if the shooter is using anything but a handgun….Outrageous!!  Surely we have the money to outfit our police properly when they are being gunned down so frequently……

I met a man a few days ago that recently came back to America after being overseas in the military. He said that our military needs new equipment as well….

What in the world is wrong with those in Charge that they can’t at least outfit our brave soldiers and police properly?  What are our taxes going for?

It seems every day we hear of a new shooting or bombing or terrorist attack somewhere. If anything, it bothers me More. I guess because we are supposed to be so technologically advanced, so educated, so civilized, so……you get the picture. I have no words. I pray for all the families of the ones who were shot and killed this weekend. I have not even turned the news back on to see all the details. It’s too much. My heart is heavy with sorrow and sadness….


7 thoughts on “More gun violence…

  1. I think many people are desensitized. It’s no longer as much a horror as it is unfortunate. We certainly don’t go to school, church, work, or the movies everyday wondering if we’ll be next, even though we very well could be.

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  2. Hi Jeffrey: I have watched mindless hours of television during my recovery (5th week) from diverticulitis. My B.S. meter is full! However, the criminals that use guns for violence will always find them so it really is absurd!!


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