How to buy a house once you’ve lost one

It is tragic that so many people lost their homes in the Recession of 2008. I was one of them. It was humiliating, devastating, disappointing, and all of those negative emotional feelings we all have felt. One works for years and years and saves and saves and then buys a home and then sells it, buys another, sells it, always striving for something better. I always wanted a house big enough to house all of the children. That was really the motivating factor of buying and selling homes in the last 18 years. The final purchase was a home that would allow the hubs and I to be on one floor, and yet have room for any of the adult children, if they should need to come home for some reason, or for visiting. That was our downfall. One of those ridiculous mortgages, a neighborhood that steadily climbed in value….we really thought we were doing the Right Thing…until the mortgage grew to 3K a month. Three thousand dollars a month!!  We could not hang on to it. This was before the mortgage companies started to ‘work’ with people. We weren’t that fortunate. A notice was literally placed on the door. We had thirty days. Luckily, a friend of mine used her mom’s house when she was in the states for her ‘base’ (she traveled all over the world) and it was on my street! She talked her mom into renting it to us at a reasonable price and we did so for eight years. Eight years!!   We thought of course that we would be able to save money. Nope!! The business was terrible, although it’s still going (!) and we barely scraped by.

We had a shock last year when discovering #5 had heart disease. On the backside of finding that out, the lady that owned our home passed and her children wanted to sell it. We had to move. We did not have good credit, and we had no down payment, so buying a home was out of the question. We began to search for rentals and found that they were absolutely Out of Our Rent!!

While speaking with a friend of mine, I learned that she was going into Foreclosure. She was living with her mom and still is. A beautiful brick home that her mom has given to her. Her home, which was in Foreclosure, was given to her son, and he and his friends Trashed It. With some creative financing, we purchased it. I will soon be writing about living in a Fixer Upper…

The best advice I have for someone that has lost their home is Never Give Up. I constantly scanned the papers and internet sites for ways to buy a home. I let people know after a few years of no longer feeling shame – that I lost my home. I kept on trying. Now there are new government programs to assist those that were in the same boat, but six months ago, when I moved to the Fixer Upper, they were not available.

What we could not have known in 2008, is that our son would have this horrible disease. The Fixer Upper is very close to the Hospital that specializes in his heart condition. God knew we had to be here all along…..

3 thoughts on “How to buy a house once you’ve lost one

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  2. God bless you…this beautifully-written, generous, compassionate, and uplifting post made me cry…I am so happy for you and your family….
    By the way, my name is Truly, and I am “following” you….and, so grateful to discover you today…thanks for sharing 🙂

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