Mid July Book Reviews

These are the books read thus far in July and  my thoughts on them:

The Life and Times of Jesus: From His Early Beginnings to the Sermon on the Mount by by Michael J. Ruszala:  If one is not well read in the Bible, or one does not know the history of the Times, then this book is a good read.

This book is touted as being, “A thrilling and seriously funny novel”….not so much for me sorry…, however, the story line was very interesting in the beginning…..”The 92 Year Old Lady Who Made Me Steal a Dead Man’s Car by Fred Schafer

Solomon’s Porch by Wid Bastain-This book is a Christian thriller type book about a prison inmate being Saved, and then having Visions and getting caught in the cross fire between God and Satan….not really thrilling for me sorry, but some good parts, give it a whirl you may enjoy..

————————————————————————–Fifth Avenue by Christopher Smith – Thriller- This book kept my attention until the end. It weaves intrigue and romance and keeps you guessing..I would definitely give it a try…there are other books in this series, but the first one was good enough for me, but not good enough to buy the second…

The Lamp of Darkness: The Age of Prophecy Book 1 by Dave Mason and Mike Feuer

This book is supposed to be a Multi award winning Biblical Fiction Epic. (according to Goodreads I think)

Could not really capture my attention but it is supposed to be great, don’t take my word for  it…


Heart of a Lion by Gilbert Morris: This book features Noah’s story. I liked the story itself, but some of the things about Noah portrayed in the book rubbed me the wrong way; I am glad it is Fiction.  However, it is a good read, so try for yourself…

***************************These books are what I have read thus far in July. I think I am turning into a ‘book snob’……



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