My Fixer Upper and me…

This is my first post on my Fixer Upper. The first time I saw it, I got back in the car. I told the hubs it needed too much work, it was gross and disgusting, and there was no way we could fix up this house. It needs to be bulldozed to the ground. By the way, this is a true story. As time progresses, I will include more installments.

The house was occupied by my friend’s son and his friends. I could not count the beer bottles, beer cans, drug paraphernalia, and PILES of trash everywhere inside and outside the house. For Real.

The boys that lived here had a small problem with the roof. They contacted their mom, my friend, and told her she needed to fix it. She did not have the money and has a health condition that does not always cooperate, and she told her son to get one of his friends to fix it. The boys ignored her. The small problem became an Enormous problem. The roof fell in — in some places, the boys moved out and the house sat for over 7 months OPEN to the ELEMENTS.

The house has a living room, kitchen, bath, three bedrooms and a laundry room. It is about a thousand feet, very small. (for us) Every single wall had to be torn out. The roof had to be taken off and a new one put on. The floors in some places had to be removed. The kitchen was so full of mold that all of the cabinets had to come out. The bathroom no longer worked so the bathroom had to come out. The entire ceiling in every room had to come out. Behind the walls was so much mold that much of the framing had to be replaced. The septic system was trashed and had to be fixed along with being pumped. The furnace did not work. The windows were falling out and were very old. The front porch was ruined. The house had no central air. The outside of the house is clapboard, much of which needed to be replaced  (next project) because it is rotted. The yard was a disaster. The shed on the property was falling in.

In December of 2015, the hubs was putting on a new roof in the cold weather. He was jubilant when it held once the Snow fell. We had a wood stove insert that he placed in the house and somehow hooked up for heat as well as kerosene heaters. He took out every wall, all of the ceilings, took out all the mold, gutted the kitchen and bathroom, and put in all new walls and ceilings. He bought the cheapest paint possible and painted everything I Wish I Were White Paint. (sarcasm)

On moving day, we had a break in the septic tank, and had to get it fixed immediately which we did not have the money for. The septic also had to be pumped.

How did he do this? He offered his best friend $5000. to help him. The deal is, we pay off the house by June 2017. Then we get a small mortgage on the house. We then use that money to pay off the debt we have incurred by borrowing money from our older children (humiliating) and a Lowe’s credit card that one of our older children opened for us in order to do this (so humiliating). Then we have to pay off my friend’s mom who paid to get the house out of foreclosure, then my husband’s friend that helped him… We are making payments to all of these monkeys on our backs plus the mortgage until we can get a new mortgage. We are keeping fingers crossed that with the house paid off, we will be able to secure a small mortgage.

We moved in March 30th. We used plug in heaters which are Very Expensive. We have small window Air conditioners. We have gone through 3 huge dumpsters. One dumpster was strictly for construction trash. The other two have been used for TRASH inside and outside the house, as well as tearing down the storage shed which is full of JUNK and BROKEN THINGS stored there. The hubs built a counter out of plywood and inserted a cook top that we had so we can cook on the stove top. We have a microwave, but no stove nor oven. He re-did the plumbing in the kitchen so we do have a sink, but no disposal and no dishwasher. The old windows are hanging by the Grace of God.

In August we have to take off one side of the house and repair it with new plywood and new clapboard and then power wash the yuck off the house and then paint it. Hopefully the windows won’t fall in. We have no living room. That’s why I call it My House of Bedrooms. Each teen has their own room (#4 is here most of the time, #5 and #6 have a bedroom and the hubs and I are in the ‘living room’ and it doubles as an office).  He is also in the process of building another bathroom because we Literally Fight for the bathroom! The laundry room is sealed off because the walls, ceiling, and floor still have to come out. One day, I will get a washer and dryer again….

By the way, those home improvement shows?  Full of doo doo….the people have money to spend and they don’t Live in the houses while they are being Fixed.

What we are doing is Nuts and Crazy and only by the Grace of God.

For Real.


2 thoughts on “My Fixer Upper and me…

  1. Wow! Also, you are a blessing….I just know God has huge plans for you…your faith and desire to connect and to add light to the world is amazing, and will be rewarded…I just know it…thank you for sharing 🙂

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