Too much ear wax!!

Last week, the four youngest went swimming. The next day  I drug myself out of the house to run errands and run to the store. I was so sick from Antibiotics and did not want to go Anywhere. Since no one was here but me, I had to do the store run, fighting sickness all the way.

Arriving at home, I was greeted by #6 Which Never Happens because he does not want to help Unload. We argue, and he does as he asked, but it’s always an Argument. On this day, however, he looked pitiful and I asked him what was wrong. He had black gunk coming out of both ears.

We have all learned how to clean our ears from our parents, or grandparents, siblings, or school. My children know that you are not to put a Q Tip into the ear. What did he do? Put a Q Tip into his ears….However, he could not hear at all. He of course resisted a doctor visit, which he is wont to do, but I insisted. I stopped by the trash can to pick up the Q Tips to show the doctor what came out of the child’s ears and put them in a baggie. I was ready to barf, but kept it down, and drove the 45 minutes to the doctor. My son of course was more important than my ridiculous antibiotics….

On arrival at the doctor, we did not have to wait very long. The doc came in and I just showed her the baggie. She immediately knew the problem. He woke up with ears completely clogged, most likely from swimming, and used the Q Tip incorrectly, and thus could not hear. Sheesh.

Luckily, the medical assistants, nurses, doctors, xray techs are all cross trained. A tech came in and was able to drain both of his ears, saving the trip to a specialist. It only took about 10 minutes and my son was dizzy, but his ears were completely cleared up after she drained them.

Here is a tip I learned: For clogged ears from too much ear wax, you can purchase an over the counter kit. However, if you want to save money, all you have to do is lay your patient (or ridiculous child) on their side. Use peroxide and a little water and pour it gently into the ear. The ear will drain itself and all you have to do is ‘mop it up’….



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