Will you dance with me?

I have seen several movies featuring Richard Gere (oh lawd) and he offers his hand to the leading lady, and says, “come dance with me”….(gettin’ hot in here)…so sexy and romantic!!

However, I have seen other movies as well where the couples are dancing. It can be ballroom, or salsa, or swing, whatever…I love Dance. All art forms of Dance.

Unfortunately  the hubs doesn’t dance. (Why did I marry a guy that doesn’t dance when I have loved to dance all my life?:)  Anyway, #3 is getting married a year from now and I am Wallowing in my Sorrow because she is Moving and I am looking for my Purpose, so Dance Lessons are on the Agenda. Luckily, the hubs has agreed. I have not had the time, or wherewithal to set it up and probably don’t have the money, but it will happen!!

My hope is that once he learns, We Will….regularly.

There is just something so romantic to me about dancing. It’s also very good exercise. I am not much one for high heels anymore, but I may have to invest in a pair that Don’t Kill My Feet because he is 6 feet and I am barely 4’10″……but I will do it for the Sake of the Dance.

I lose myself in the music and always have, but I would really love to dance with my beloved….we will surely dance at our daughter’s wedding but I hope that’s not the only time. However, I have decided that I will continue Dancing with or without him which will make him mad, so of course he will not want me to dance with another Partner, therefore




p.s.  I just have to find a way for him to lower his voice in that husky, sexy way and say, “come dance with me”….

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