You feel me?

“You Feel Me?” is a common phrase these days and the inspiration for this poem

I am missing you as you toss your head in glee

I achingly wonder, “Are you thinking of me?”

I feel your Anxiety, your Fear, Uncertainty

but also Know you will be Okay

On your own

without me close by

Do You Feel Me?


I have a Life of my Own and Should Not Fret

Or Think that you will ever Forget

All we have been through Together

It’s not like we won’t Stay in touch

Do You Feel Me?

My child, I Love You so Much


I lost one Child but never thought it would be You

Do You Feel Me?

Are you Crying Inside too?


I know we will Adjust

but you leaving hurts so Much

Do You Feel Me?


Go and live your Life

This is what I say

What I really mean

is Oh God Please Stay

Do You Feel Me?


Dramatic is what you say I am

I’m trying to be the best I can

without you near

it’s hard to Breathe

Do You Feel Me?


Godspeed Happy Bird


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