Is it normal?

I am putting this question out here in cyberspace to  get answers to  a question that has been plaguing me for a few months. My beloved #3 is moving to the Midwest in two days, I am on the East coast.. Of course it’s a 24 hour drive by car, a few hours by plane. I know that she will be ‘close by’ by today’s standards in terms of transportation. However, I feel the greatest void, a black darkness within me, tears at the edge, just waiting to spill over, trying to hold them in….This was a Choice for her…I don’t want to hold her back. I want her to have a great life. I know she will be happy…but I miss her so….She is more than my daughter, she is one of my best friends…I know we will stay in touch, but….

Is this normal, to feel so sad and empty and dark?

Comments welcome!!


2 thoughts on “Is it normal?

  1. Very normal, I have one son in another country, which breaks my heart, and my other son 100 kms away, which also breaks my heart, but, it is their life and I want them to be happy as I am sure you do, it’s hard, but love is love and we manage to send it many kms……….. you will be ok, flying the nest is one of the worst things about being the Mama…thinking of you

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