I share other blogs…

I like to share pictures of animals and birds and funny sayings and beautiful Art with others because the Share button allows me to!!  That is one of the reasons. The other reason is that I am dedicated to writing each day. However, some days, if I am not feeling well, or if I am held Hostage by Anxiety or Sorrow, which is common these days, I want to stay part of my blogging community. I try to hold myself accountable by blogging something or writing something Every Day– I don’t like writing about everything that is wrong. Sometimes everything seems to be wrong. Who wants to write about that?

Therefore, at times you will see  the blogs I follow, the many that have the cutest animals or birds, (which I prefer to people these days) or the funny sayings or quotes, or the Beautiful Art by Photographers.  I really love the Photographers in other countries because I visit those countries through their pictures….Thank you my fellow bloggers for bringing smiles to my face when tears are running down….

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