Today, Friday, is the last…

Today, Friday, is the last day

she will be in her beloved home of Cville          Friends are texting best wishes

from other places       so many have gone on to jobs elsewhere

but for many       left in her old stomping ground   they will feel    a   void

for she lit up the classrooms        and the campus   and the nightlife     with her

brilliant smile   her sassy toss of her hair   her incredible worth ethic    her dedication to her students and professors

a true friend will no longer be there to dry their tears nor cheer them on

but will think of them from afar

she has run to and fro all week visiting and saying good-byes to all that is familiar

trying to reach each sibling and hug them close and tight    a hug that will last for at

least six months   when she returns for the Holidays but is it

enough to keep

those who truly love her   an enormous network of friends    friends for a lifetime

family so strong in their bond

sane until

we all see her


and for me, today, I will be at the store

buying boxes and boxes

of tissues

Godspeed Happy Bird


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