Crying in my sleep….

Last night, after all the cars were packed, and #3 left, the house was so quiet. I tried and tried to sleep, but sleep flew away. I opened a book and read a while and felt myself getting drowsy, and finally could feel my body relax and I began to drift off to sleep….I opened my eyes because I felt something on my face, near my eyes and discovered that they were tears.

I cried in my sleep twice in my life that I can remember. When #2 went to live with her father over 15 years ago, and when my mom died.

I was crying in my sleep because my daughter is moving today across the country, “caravan style” with her driving a car, her fiance driving a car, and the hubs and #4 following…..all cars fully packed— to the Midwest!!

Upon awaking this morning, the hubs and #4 left, and I was alone with my thoughts. I had on the news as background noise, Noise being the operative word…..I started to watch the terror attack in Germany with all those darling teens, then the terror attack in Afghanistan with so many killed and injured….and my sorrow mounted to a degree that of course brought the tears tumbling down…..

Then I gave myself a Mental Slap!!  How dare I sit and cry while the World is Crying for their loved ones that are gone and injured and fighting for their lives?? I am crying because my daughter is traveling where She Wants to Go with her Fiance who is her Best Friend and She is in Love With, She Has  a Job and is Happy? !!  Ridiculous!!

The news put my tears in perspective. My ’empty nest syndrome’ will work itself out!! The parents and loved ones left behind by the senseless violence in our world can probably barely breathe today; their sorrow is so great.

I felt ashamed and dried my tears. Of course I will cry from time to time but I will remain thankful that my daughter is Alive and Well and Happy….I will focus on That.

#Stop the Violence


2 thoughts on “Crying in my sleep….

  1. I understand what you are saying and I understand why, but if you want to cry, cry, let it out whenever you have that feeling, you will feel much better, I know this feeling and believe me it’s better to cry, A good cry always leaves you feeling stronger and happier with the world ! Thinking of you

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