Role reversal…

It’s funny to me how that my grown children have started to “mommy me”…For example, when visiting #3 last week at the home she was house sitting at for a few weeks, #2 came to visit along with my grandson. I looked at her and started ‘tearing up’, knowing #3 was leaving Home, and #2 looked at me and said, ” No, MAWM”, we are not going to have this today. Take a deep belly breath (what I always tell them) and relax. Dry your tears. We are not going to upset #3, we are going to visit with her and celebrate her new life”….Funnier to me was that I listened to her!

Last night, as ‘the car packing’ was starting, #4 made sure that I was ‘okay’, coming in my room every twenty minutes or so, watching my movie and chatting, making sure I was alright.  She said, “Mawm, I am going with Dad to Keep Him Company and Make Sure He is Okay, and help with the driving – but I want you to be careful this week!” “No cleaning up the yard, no grilling, no driving too fast, just relax this week”. “We don’t need you to be bathing the dogs and taking a chance on Mr. Buttons biting you!”. “Don’t cut yourself in the kitchen, we don’t want you on antibiotics”!!! (I have been on so many these past 45 days)…”No standing on chairs trying to reach things, ask the boys for help!”….the list went on….I listened, smiled, nodded occasionally and thought secretly how hilarious it was.

I did not tell her that I have the whole week semi planned out, that I am starting my new part time job this week…I just let her ‘mommy me’….so funny!!

The texts have started already. #4 wants me updated the entire way, like I am in the car with them. I was invited, but would Never leave #5 unattended with his heart condition, although he does quite well on his own. I did ask him to please come home after work and stay around this week, just because it will just be me and his brother in the country and I feel better when he is close by….He grudgingly agreed, but reminded me that he is working A LOT this upcoming week…this is his way of reminding me that he has a Life…

#4 was so nice this week, going to the store for me (unbeknownst to me) and secretly taking laundry out to be done. It was kind and thoughtful….

The hubs was so nervous last night after #3 left, not that he is driving 1600 miles, but that she is leaving. He could not sleep. His tummy was upset. He was up early, getting ready and packing his clothes, checking and double checking that he had everything he needed. I think that he and #4 will have a grand time. They will be home in a week and he will be back to work.

Next week:

#5 has his ‘big heart appointment’ so the long trip out west will be forgotten for a time. #3 and her beloved will be acclimating to their new home and immediately start new jobs so she will be busy. Hardly time to be homesick.

The other two grown adult children have families of their own and it was hard when they left the nest too. The only difference is that they did not travel so far away….but they are both happy and we visit when we can..Only a few hours away. Not a big deal. Soon, #3 living out West will become a ‘new normal’ too, although at first it won’t be easy.

I talked with a lady the other day who lives near my town. Our children went to the same University. Her daughter took a job out West, although a different state, as well. She is still crying and raging against the World, and her daughter has been gone a month. I was filled with sorrow for her but secretly happy that I wasn’t crazy….

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