Shootings–again and the Media

Yesterday I heard about the tragic shootings in Germany. I of course had tears rolling down my cheeks. I was crying about my Life and the latest terrorist attack did not make it any easier. It just prolonged the Sorrow. I was switching channels, looking for more information, when the major networks started the ad nau·se·am  of reporting on the conventions here in the U.S. It’s not that I don’t want to follow the political parties or their platforms or their conventions, it’s just that I get bored with it all at times.  I have discovered that you can learn more from the Internet or the ‘ticker’ which displays at the bottom of the screen.

Imagine my horror to discover that so many children were killed…(9 or 10?)…and so many others wounded. Of course the shooter was very young as well, a child really, yet old enough to vote, and yet that was sad too. I was thinking of the people there, enjoying an afternoon of shopping, or perhaps running an errand, so much like I would do in the past with my kids. Stopping in a fast food restaurant to get a quick bite to eat or maybe an ice cream treat, and then someone coming in and start shooting….

What in the world is the possible motivation for that senseless act of terror? The news of course does not know if the shooter was just shooting for whatever reason, or if he was tied to ISIS, but I am sure that if he was tied to a terrorist group, they would just have another feather in their cap.

But children?  Why? Teens  that were probably enjoying their day, have no Big Thoughts on Politics, no Control over their race, nor ethnicity, probably texting on their phones, taking selfies, talking about Girls and Boys and maybe school…planning parties…not even allowed to become the Great People they would have Become. Why would anyone do that?

The Talking Heads will claim mental illness or terrorist ties or come up with another reason is not a reason at all….

I think of the poor parents left behind, how can they breathe? And then I started thinking of my silly tears because my daughter is moving so far and these poor children didn’t even get a chance to Live…never to complete school, or go to University, or to get married, or to have children, or to go to concerts, or amusement parks….

A childhood stolen by terror.

Stop the violence!!


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