They packed up…

#3 and her beloved packed their things and brought them to The Fixer Upper a week or so ago. They were lucky enough to house sit for a few weeks in their town before their departure, and working their jobs the last few weeks.

Last night she visited with #1 and his family, her last stop on her whirlwind week of seeing friends, spending time with her siblings and finishing work. Then she and her beloved came by here to pack up two cars. They were packed to the very top!!  Trunks full as well! The hubs and #4 are following them in the caravan to the West to help her unpack and get acclimated for a days, then they are on their way Home.

The hubs cooked out on the grill last night and #5 rolled in on his bike, able to enjoy some fellowship before she left. They all packed the cars and visited. I put on one of  my ‘go to’ movies that I have recorded, one that I have watched so many times and I never get tired of. I usually cry through the sappy parts but last night I did not.

Upon her arrival, I sobbed and sobbed and then knew I was making it harder for everyone so squared my shoulders, gave Anxiety a Huge Slap, and came inside my House of Bedrooms and watched my movie as footsteps went back and forth down the hall carrying boxes to the car. About an hour into the movie, I heard …the movie. I opened the door and went outside, and there she was….big liquid brown eyes, overflowing, hiccups starting to come forth, tears never ending… face, sorrow filled heart.

It’s funny how Mothers are all actresses.  No matter our age, we put on different characters like clothes and different faces and become Who We Need to Be–all for our kids–no matter their age. My tears were gone, I stood up straight, cradled her in a big hug, whispered that all would be fine, she would be fine, I would fly out soon, and all those little words of assurance…..

One last hug, one last assurance, more tears….

and she was gone…

More later —


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