A bottle of coke….ALCOHOL ALERT!!

I have pretty much given up drinking sodas. However, every now and then, maybe once a month or less, I will crave one. Today was one of those times. The hubs bought two bottles of Coke a few nights ago for me, knowing that my tummy has been unsettled.

Tonight I made dinner for the boys and I, and remembered that one bottle was still in the fridge. I was so happy!  (doesn’t take much to make me happy!!)  I took my dinner and the coke into my room (House of Bedrooms), and opened it. Couldn’t wait for that bubbly, sweet taste. Thank goodness I just took a sip.  Yuck!!!  Someone put alcohol in it!!

My ears were burning smoke! I was sooo mad!!  Someone ruined a perfectly good bottle of coke with something disgusting. I immediately texted my daughter and asked her if she did it. She is 21, and I figured she was the Culprit.

Last night, saying farewell to #3, the crowd was eating and drinking…..She texted me that her boyfriend did it and left it there although she asked him to take it with him.

I was mad for two reasons: He ruined my coke!!  I really wanted it!! But more importantly, my son with the heart condition could have come in from a days’ work, being Hot since the weather is in the 100’s and chugged it down and it could have killed him……Talk about Furious!!  She had better be glad that they are twelve hours away…..

Label drinks with your name on it!  That has always been my rule because my six kids range in age from 15-33.  A little one could have drank it by mistake or my son with HCM Heart disease. I am so glad that they will be gone for a week because it would be a Terrible Fight otherwise…..by the time I get home, I will have cooled off…

To be fair, maybe he doesn’t KNOW the rule….


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