Happy Thought…some good…

There is some good in the world. Today, part of my family is helping one adult child to move to the Midwest. They stopped at a convenience store along the way, somewhere in Kentucky or Missouri…my daughter and I were texting back and forth for quite a while and then there was a lull ……

I figured that she went to the bathroom  or something….

About half an hour later I received the following text:

this is Tish. do you know who’s phone this is?

I looked at the message puzzling over it.

I texted back, thinking it was my daughter:

I don’t get it??

another text came back:

My name is Tish. I found this phone in the bathroom. Who does it belong to? I would like to return it. 

It is an I Phone that is expensive and I pondered over it for a few minutes and called the hubs, who my daughter was riding with…..of course my daughter left her phone in the bathroom!

My text back: Thank you so much! This phone belongs to my daughter. They are turning around to get it. Please wait.

Her text back:  Great! I am in a Red Camaro.

So nice to have someone do a good deed when there is so much pain the world today!!



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