I meet the most amazing…

I was out running an errand this morning and stopped at a little convenience store. There were no customers. The lady behind the counter introduced herself, as did I, and we began talking about the weather and other such things and then moved on to Motherhood, Weight Loss and those Clothes we Keep that we Will Never Wear, and then we moved into dieting, the diets we have tried, the exercise programs we have tried…you get the picture.

I guess I am just one of those people that talk to people…sometimes about nothing at all, and then at other times—Amazement! This wonderful lady gave me a very good tip!! We were talking about building a fitness level and she told me where to park my car and walk which would end up being a mile and a half……

We spoke of the unbearable heat and walking in it, but I have decided that I will take her Good Advice and Try to make the complete ‘loop’ but with No Great Expectations as I have No Fitness Level at this time….no exercise for over 45 days since  being so sick from taking one medicine after another for one infection after another..sheesh!

We also talked about the horrible medicines given these days that make you sick, many of which are given for Dental problems, which I have had in Spades!!  That made me feel like I was not ‘weak’….By this I mean that she told me that she too, gets terribly sick from taking the same medicines she used to take and they never made her sick!!

We spoke of my recent dog bite from my dog who is now the Enemy of the State. She too experienced a Cat Bite. However, she was not as ‘hyper’ as me. She took care of it without going to the doctor, and without antibiotics. She said that her hand swelled up twice it’s size and hurt like the dickens and it remained so for months. When I asked her why she suffered so and didn’t go to the doctor, she said her cat did have her rabies shots and she was afraid that they would take the cat…..she was afraid for herself as well but was too scared to go to the doctor. Luckily it all worked out and she is fine. But at least she wasn’t sick from the Awful Medicine….

Amazing the people you meet at the most unexpected places when all you have to do is start with:



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