Altitude sickness…

What in the world is that?  That is what I asked myself yesterday. I received an urgent call from #4, she was traveling with the hubs in the ‘caravan West’ to move #3 out there. They are near Denver. She went into a Target Store and was feeling fine.

All of a sudden, she felt like she couldn’t breathe, her heart was pounding really fast, and she felt sick. It scared her so badly!  Of course I went to Mr. Google and browsed information and apparently it’s a ‘real thing’…she finally calmed down but is still kind of nervous and can’t wait to get back home!!

I checked in with the heart sites as well, as #5 wants to go out and visit his sister in her new home. The last time I checked with the doc, he said it was alright, but in lieu of the adverse affects of the altitude, I told the hubs that we will need to address this In Person next week when we visit the cardiologist.

The hubs works in construction and it’s nothing for him to carry 300 pounds. He is very strong. #3 lives on the third floor and all he could carry was a box of records. He said he felt like he was going to pass out…..

I am also leery of visiting anytime soon because after checking these sites, I ‘checked in’ with reliable Anxiety sites, and it’s Not Good for those of us who suffer from Anxiety either if you are not used to the altitude…..therefore

#3 is a little upset with me, but I told her that until I get more information, those of us that could be adversely affected by the altitude, we won’t be visiting anytime soon!  (sad..sigh) But being hospitalized, or in my son’s case having a Sudden Death Event is not worth it. She will just have to meet him in a different state or come here….

Not a good way to start her life I know, but my son’s health comes first…I hate to disappoint her, but it is what it is…



3 thoughts on “Altitude sickness…

  1. My daughter went to colorado. The first day she was fine. The the second she felt lethargic, chest hurt , head hurt…she was taken to the hospital and her oxygen was critically low due to altitude sickness. We wre told had we not gotten her ixygen it could have cause brain damage. She recieved oxygen for 2 days and she started feeling better. She didnt fully recover until she was out of that altitude. It was scay and dangerous and we will never take her again. It is good that you are taking precaution!

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  2. In the stress of moving they might be mad but long term you are doing the only sensible thing. Keep researching! My poor stepfather couldn’t visit his daughter & grand/great grand kids because of the extremely humid climate they lived in and his heart/lung condition, but everyone understood and they came to us, so my family & I got to take them to the zoo etc. It works out.

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