Home is where…

“Home is where the Heart Is”….how many times have we heard that?

I do believe that it is true. However, home is not really a house, or an apartment, a flat, or wherever someone lives. Home is People. Your heart may be with a Person or a Family, therefore that is Home.

But if you are not at Peace where you are living, if you are ‘missing’ Home, wherever that is, even if you are with the One you Love, then that is not Home.

Sometimes it takes one moving someplace else and making it your home. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But if there is no Peace in your heart, if you are ‘homesick’ then wherever you are, you are not “Home”. Homesickness is normal when moves away from all family and friends, and all that is familiar. However, after a while, if there is no Peace, only Anxiety and Unhappiness, one usually knows even if they don’t admit it, deep down inside, they are not “Home”.

Does that make sense?

Many moons ago, we vacationed almost every single year for over 15 years in South Carolina. We loved it. We were joyously happy there. We were so happy that we bought a condo there (before the recession) and we were blessed enough to spend a Week a Month at the Condo and we were amazingly Happy. So happy that we had finally had Enough of Life and before the Recession, sold our house and Moved There permanently. We bought a house, with the intention of renting out the condo. #1 and #2 were still in Virginia with families. They did not need me. I talked myself into believing that I could Start A New Life being 12 hours from my children. (People do it all the time right?)

I lasted 60 days. I sold the condo to come back “Home”. I rented the SC house for a year until it sold, lost Tons of Money, drove my husband to distraction. I did not care. SC was not “Home” yet….While vacationing there and visiting, I was Thrilled!! Relaxed! Happy! Living there Away from my other Family?  Cried Every Day. Sorrowful. Miserable. Depressed. No Peace!!

I came back to Virginia and am within three hours of the older ones (except the one that just moved Out West) and have Never Regretted it for a Minute. I lost a Huge Amount of Money. I was Called Crazy. I still am Called Crazy for coming Back. I don’t care in the least. I had No Peace.

The minute I packed my truck and crossed the Virginia line, hooked the business lines back up, rented a house for a while, I was At Peace. HOME ….close to my Family. That is where my heart is. With my Family.

I still may buy a little place or rent a little place in the winter in SC someday because I love it there but will Never Leave My Family Again.

Am I crazy?

Yes!!  Crazy in love with my children (and now their families)

And I don’t care what anyone thinks!!  I am at Peace at least about That. (not so much other things!!)


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