Part of the family is…

Part of my family is in an uproar because I Laid down The Hammer.

Part of them are still out west, getting #3 settled. She is happy and sad at the same time, missing her friends and family. Crying one minute, laughing the other. I know that she is counting down the days that the hubs and #4 leave for Home. Next week she will be at her new job, teaching the Young Minds that will shape our Tomorrow. She will be fine. However, she gets a long break in October and is lobbying for those of us in the East to come and visit.

The hubs and #4 were in a big box store, shopping for furniture for #3.

#4 called me and said that on the top floor of this Store is a Center for Altitude Sickness where people can go if they experience this. I don’t know what they do, perhaps give oxygen, and maybe medication…

I have said Absolutely Positively No Way is #5 going there because of his heart disease. We will be seeing the Cardiologist next week for the Big Visit which includes MRI of the heart, treadmill, echo, ekg, the usual…..the hubs will tell the doc what he has experienced, (weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness) and what #4 has experienced, (chest pain, panic attack, shortness of breath, dizziness nausea)….then see what he says. I can tell already that I don’t care what he says. I don’t want #5 to Put Himself at unnecessary Risk.Unfortunately, I could not stop him from buying the da@@ motorcycle by law.

I have been told my some of ‘the family’….”I will take him”…”he will be fine” “he can just go to the hospital” “he can go to the clinic”….the list goes on and on. I am so surprised that well meaning people, those in my own family, those that I raised to Think for Themselves would be so Stupid and Take a Chance with one who has such a serious condition….

Logic:  If a healthy 21 year old has trouble with the altitude, what makes one think that an 18 year old, soon to be 19 with a serious heart condition  won’t have a Fatal Event? (I mean kids with this disease die playing sports all the time)…Come on People!!  And I’m not even formally educated like they are!!


I spoke with my son yesterday who has been in touch with sisters out West by text and he was excited to go and visit and I did it have it cleared verbally but I want the doc to Hear First Hand from the hubs what has transpired to him and #4 from the altitude.  It sucks that #5 may not be able to visit out there, but he can meet them in a lower altitude of the State and still visit.  Sheesh!!  I told him that if he defies me, there will be No Car, No Money, No Motorcycle, (he reminded me that He owns the da@@ bike)…I calmly looked at him and said, “I have no problem driving over it…which is true. Anything to keep him Safe!  Then he pulled the, “I will just move out and you can’t say anything”….I asked him for his move out date so I could cancel his cell and his car insurance, as I Own The Car. He shut up and said he would wait for the doctor and do whatever I say. (I know he’s lying…they all lie) I will just see what shakes out but will continue to fight for his health as long he is under my roof.




2 thoughts on “Part of the family is…

  1. Listen to the doctor, there may be ways to adapt to the altitude. Also you might try pointing out to #5 that responsible adults still obey doctors. #3 probably won’t see sense until she’s over the move & the altitude. Stick to your guns. Children are stupid that’s why they have parents.

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